We are seeking Board Members

Pinnacle Charter School Board has one position currently open and two will be open in the fall of 2018.  If you are interested, please reach out to Chad Miller, Chief Financial Officer at 303-450-3985 ext. 1007 or email him at chad.miller@pinnaclecharterschool.org

Here is a description of a Board Member's position:

  1. Attend regular meetings of the Pinnacle Charter School Board, which are each approximately two hours in duration. The board meets at least twelve (12) times per year.  Be accessible for personal contact in between board meetings.
  2. Provide leadership to board committees. Each board member is expected to serve as an active, ongoing member of at least one committee.  This requires a number of meetings per year plus individual committee task completion time.  Presently committees include educational policy, resource development, strategic planning, board development, personnel, finance, and executive.
  3. Responsibly review and act upon committee recommendations brought to the board for action.
  4. Prepare in advance for decision making and policy formation at board meetings; take responsibility for self-education on the major issues before the board.
  5. Participate in the annual board member self-review process.
  6. Participate in the annual board development and planning retreat usually held in March of each year.
  7. In general, utilize personal and professional skills, relationships and knowledge for the advancement of the Pinnacle Charter School.





Board Members

Clarissa Burklund, President
303-450-3985 ext. 5004

Joyce Thompson, Vice President
303-450-3985 ext. 5003

Julia Harrell, Secretary
303-450-3985 ext. 5002

Tracy Hernandez-Mealer, Board Member
303-450-3985 ext. 5005

Anna Turnbull, Board Member


Board Meetings

Upcoming Board Meetings

  • July 17 - Rescheduled for July 31, 2017
  • August 21 - Rescheduled for August 14, 2017
  • September 11, 2016 - Cancelled
  • September 18
  • October 16
  • October 30 -Special Meeting
  • November 13
  • December 09 -Board Retreat
  • December 18
  • December 22-Special Meeting
  • January 22
  • January 29, 2018, Work Session
  • February 12, 2018, Work Session
  • February 26
  • March 19
  • April 16
  • May 21
  • June 18
  • July 16

Board Meetings are held in K8 Building Front Lobby at 5:00 PM.


The Pinnacle Charter School selected Dr. Brian Recht as the school's next Superintendent.  The School Board unanimously approved the hiring based on recommendations from the Administrative team, votes from employees, and their own interview of the candidate.

Dr. Recht boasts an impressive history as the Superintendent of the Albany County School District in Laramie, WY and the Barstow Unified School District in Barstow, CA.  Through his work, he gained in-depth experience with budgets and finance, completed exhaustive work at the legislative level, and fostered success with schools similar to The Pinnacle.